ProcessingUBC Composites Group Research

  • Process modeling of thermoset composites
  • Thermo-viscoelastic modeling of thermoplastic composites
  • Permeability of composite laminates
  • Characterization of woven prepregs
  • Thermochemical analysis of composite structures
  • Sensitivity analysis of processing parameters
  • Residual stresses and dimensional control
  • Development of cure models
  • Cure shrinkage

Damage, Fracture and Failure of Composite Structures

  • Experimental characterization of damage
  • Damage Modeling
  • Health monitoring and rehabilitation of composite structures
  • Repair and maintenance of composite parts
  • Delamination

Impact and Ballistics

  • Instrumented impact and ballistic testing
  • Numerical simulation of soft (woven fabric) and hard (laminate) structures


  • Composites in implants
  • Tissue biomechanics

Wood Composites

  • Multi-scale modeling of wood composites
  • Optimization of OSB panels

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Integrating process modeling with damage modeling in a virtual design environment
  • Adhesive bonding